The Therapy Studio

  Holistic Health & Beauty - Ulverston

Fully qualified in a wide range of holistic treatments Tara & Marie-Claire offer therapy for all. Each one of our specialised services is considered a holistic treatment due to the way we consult with you both before and after the session, the nurturing elements during and the healing energy given throughout.

We use a selection of the finest quality products in our massages, facials and other body treatments to suit the individual needs of our clients. Our personal care and wellness products are blended using only carefully selected natural and organic ingredients.
Our products are safe for use on even the most sensitive skin.
Full consultations will take place before any treatments.


Tara Candice Linkowska 

Senior- Holistic & Beauty Therapist

Tara has been practicing Massage and Beauty Therapy for 7 years and offers a wide range of treatments. Specialising in therapy such as Charka Balancing Massage, holistic facials, manicures and pedicures, always using products derived from nature.  
All of Tara's treatments are delivered with the mind, body and soul in focus and a touch of spa luxury.
Recently Tara has been  focusing on building the Massage Away Team, helping to bring a wealth of different health and beauty treatments to our clients. 

Marie-Claire Dalmar 

Senior Holistic Therapist 

With over 20 years of experience in Holistic Health, Marie-Claire has studied extensively in various types of Massage including Swedish, Ayurvedic, Aromatherapy, Acupressure and Indian Head Massage.  Her training then took her into the more metaphysical realms of Reiki Healing and Meditation.

Fascinated by the interconnected nature of the body and mind, Marie-Claire went on to train in Precision Reflexology, the Bowen Technique and more recently Systematic Kinesiology.

In addition to these treatments, Marie-Claire also offers Digestive Balances, Food Sensitivity Testing and Emotional Balances at the studio.

She provides Onsite Acupressure Massage in the corporate sector as part of the ever popular Workplace Wellbeing Programmes and Wellbeing Days.  Contact us to arrange a free no obligation trial in your workplace.